15 Best Email Marketing Software and Platforms

Updated: Apr 18

Best Email marketing software (Guide)

Email marketing software is especially convenient for online marketing platforms and gives the highest return on investment (ROI) among marketing channels. It is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies - so it will be advisable for you to get in on this too.

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How do you begin?

The best email marketing software and platforms have varying price plans and features. Most of these tools are fantastic, all you have to do is choose the best fit.

For example, if you want CRM software as well for your customers then HubSpot is a good choice for you.

ConvertKit with a feature of text-based emails is a fantastic choice for bloggers. We are going to look at which is the best email marketing software for you.

I have researched the best email marketing service providers in this guide to aid you in choosing the best fit for you and also save you some money.

Table of Contents

The Best Email Marketing Software.

How does Email Marketing Software Work?

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing Platforms?

What are some Email Marketing best practices?

Email Marketing FAQ.

The Best Email Marketing Software

The best email marketing companies are known to provide the best email marketing software that you can find. Choosing the best one for yourself depends on the price, technical support, ease of use, template designs, automation, integration, and other features you desire.

Let's get into it then.

The best email marketing software should enable you to easily design emails and email campaigns, segment your list, personalize your emails, and of course view analytics reports.

My List of the Best Email Marketing Software and Services


Constant Contact

Mail Chimp

Get Response







Campaign Monitor





1. HubSpot

It offers one of the best email marketing companies with a tool that has a lot of features allowing convenience to the users. It has an easy drag and drop feature email builder and comes to you free of charge. This email marketing software will enable you to create professional emails that turn out to be pixel-perfect easily.

HubSpot also offers you a CRM tool to give you the benefit of creating customized sections for your customers. The CRM allows you to personalize your content, automate emails, and track the email activity.


• It has an interactive interface

• The customer support services are exemplary

• It is free hence especially suitable for startups

• It allows integrations with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

• It comes with a free CRM

• It has a live chat


• The integrations that this marketing tool provides are limited

• Despite the initial free cost, the prices usually increase with the growth of your email list.

2. Constant Contact

It is one of the best email marketing platforms for small businesses. Founded in 1995, it is one of the oldest tools for email marketing. It is very convenient, especially for startup businesses that do not require anything complex.

It provides email triggers such as cart reminders, Instagram, Facebook support ads, and coupons.

Constant Contact allows for integrations with other platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, and Salesforce.


• It embraces analytics that are simple and effective

• It features an editor that operates by drag and drop

• It has mobile templates that have been optimized and are pixel perfect

• It can be easily segmented

• The tool also comes with extra features such as donations, coupons, and polls

• It also allows for integration with other software such as Shopify, Salesforce, Wordpress, and QuickBooks.

• It offers easy subscriber management features


• The Constant contact marketing tool does not have a workflow editor, which makes the management of automation to be complicated.

• The prices increase depending on the size of your mailing list.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing platforms that comes with a free plan. It is easy to use and comes with tools that allow for easy navigation. It also has a simple editor that is relatively fast and a wide range of templates to allow for easy customization.

It is useful for small businesses and bloggers. It provides an efficient solution for email marketing.

Mailchimp also comes with analytics with a simple dashboard and allows for integrated campaigns on social platforms. The tool enables complex tasks to be accomplished, such as the ability to make data-driven decisions.

It allows for the creation of landing pages, which help in business promotion on multiple platforms.


• The marketing tool allows for analysis, enabling data-driven decision making

• Simple integration with other social tools

• It is generally easy to use and understand

• The drag and drop feature is simple and effective

• The emails have a professional look


• The features of this marketing tool are limited

• The software has few integrations that are available to the user

• There is no workflow editor making automation management difficult

• It has a landing page that is not very effective

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is considered as the best email marketing platform for small business. It can be able to cater for upcoming bloggers and startups. The marketing tool allows for the creation of great landing pages, with features for webinars and marketing automation journeys.

It allows for effective email automation and a dashboard for the email newsletter. It has a global reach serving more than 182 countries and provides tons of tools and features integrations.


• It provides excellent segmentation

• It has a drag-and-drop email editor

• It also offers a unique analytics suite

• It eases segmentation and hosting

• The tool also allows for tool integration

• It includes optimization insights in the case of autoresponders campaigns.


• The templates that it offers are few in comparison to other platforms.

5. Sendinblue

It is the best tool when it comes to messaging your customers. It allows for segmentation options to its features and gives you the ability to conduct live chats and send text messages to your customers.

It provides for transactional communications with robust services while giving you the convenience of getting to your customers promptly.

It also provides excellent customer support with features that are user-friendly and a simple dashboard for analytics.


• It allows for subscriber management

• The tool also allows you to automate email, and customize it

• It allows for the optimization of emails

• Offers a variety of templates for you to choose from

• It also provides for campaign tracking, integration, and other exciting features


• The email builder is not always stable

• After registration, it takes some time before you can send emails

6. Moosend

Moosend is among the best email marketing software and provides you with the ability to enjoy several benefits without any coding needed. It provides a drag-and-drop editor, which makes it very convenient in designing the interface. It also has data analytics integrated into its functionality and allows for marketing automation.

With this email marketing tool, you can enjoy features such as email automation, advanced reporting, and user and website tracking. It also enables you to have the advantage of personalizing your email. You can also create beautiful landing pages in a fast and effective way.


• It offers pre-made templates

• The tool has a separate mobile editor

• Drag and drop feature for ease of customization

• It comes with anti-bot protection

• Integrated data analytic capabilities

• It allows for email automation

• User and website tracking


• It needs a few more integrations.

7. Salesforce

This email marketing platform allows for a seamless relationship between the company and the clients. It will enable you to create customized content for a more personalized approach to communication.

Salesforce comes with drag and drop tools, which offers excellent ease in email creation and sending of transactional emails in real-time.

This email marketing software comes with Real-Time Tracking and Graphical reporting tools, which help in decision making and conducting of predictive analysis. The software has an enhanced volume for sending emails as compared to other software. It also offers cross channel campaigns that are sophisticated.


• It has personalized campaigns

• The user can get tailored messages in bulk

• It offers a drag-and-drop feature for easy segmentation

• The software has advanced content management capabilities

• It provides automation solutions and triggered messages

• Efficient customer support with email, phone, and live chats


• The software does not offer SEO services

• There is no free trial before making a purchase decision

• It comes with costly monthly charges

8. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of the best email list providers and email platforms. As an email automation software, it is beneficial in customer conversions, especially for those using emails. This tool is convenient in making audience lists and storing them, simple newsletters, and beautiful automation journey maps for sales.

This tool allows you to send triggered communications to your customers, setting of evergreen sales funnel. It also provides for the creation of emails that have merge-tags through a tag-based subscriber system.


• Easy automation and optimization due to the presence of automation journey maps.

• It has about 80 and more templates for the users

• Allows for integration with tools such as Salesforce and Zapier

• It provides live chat and email support.

• It is one of the best email list providers.


• Although the tool provides for reporting, the data is limited

• The customization options offered are limited in number

9. MailTag

This email marketing software allows you to track the emails that you have sent to the customers. It also provides the users with the ability to follow up on the sales that they have carried out and also conduct scheduling.

This tool can perform analytics and reporting as an integrated functionality.

It supports integration and is easy to use and understand.


• The tool allows you to conduct scheduling management and custom pings

• It comes with full Gsuite and Gmail integration capabilities

• It has email tracking domains that can be customized

• The tool provides for click tracking and real-time opening

• The sales follow-ups are automated an effective

• It allows for reporting and analytics


• You can not use customized variables for mail-merge.

10. Wishpond

The Wishpond is a tool that provides email marketing services to its users. It comes with pre-designed templates for the user in a gallery with HTML emails that are professionally ready-made.

It is easy to personalize the interface since the tool also comes with a drag and drop feature for the users. The templates provided by this tool are mobile-responsive and are easy to use. It is one of the tools that include marketing automation platforms for users.


• It is an intuitive email marketing software.

• It allows you to access professional designs for personalization

• The tool enables integration with several other tools

• It provides efficient reports and analysis

• It has several predefined templates much to the user’s benefit.


• The steep learning curve to higher options of personalization

• The drag and drop feature is not very clear

11. Campaign Monitor

It is an email marketing agency with some of the best companies in the business as its clientele. With its ability to send mass emails, it is one of the best bulk email software tools. It is useful for both small and medium-sized companies.

It comes with attractive templates and autoresponders.

It is easy to use and also contains most of the features that are effective for it as an email marketing campaign software.


• It is one of the best bulk email software as it provides unlimited emails

• It also allows for media integration for an extensive reach

• The tool offers a large variety of templates to choose from

• Presence of a reliable tool for analysis


• Its cost is a bit on the higher side.

12. AWeber

This email marketing software is convenient for bloggers, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized companies. It comes with tools like Salesforce, PayPal, Wix, and a ton of other integration software. The software has one of the biggest suites that you can use for integration.

It is a cheap and straightforward option, especially for individuals who are just starting up. With over 150 templates for the users, it allows for ease of customization and the ability to personalize your features.


• It has a drag-and-drop email building feature

• Presence of a mobile app for tracking the campaign performances

• Allows for subscriber segmenting and management

• It has a dashboard that provides metrics that are easy to read.

• Allows for easy integration with tons of other software


• The tool does not provide a survey feature

• It does not have Google Analytics integrated into it.

13. Pinpointe

This email allows you to create, automate, and personalize email campaigns. It is an email marketing campaign software that enables you to track emails quickly. It also gives you access to autoresponders and other metrics that can be customized.

As an email marketing agency, it offers solutions for businesses that need more services than essential email marketing tools.


• It provides reporting and analytics features

• It allows for personalization

• The user interface is user friendly

• It has a drag-and-drop feature making it practical for users with little HTML knowledge.


• It restricts the number of windows that you can open to one at a time

• It has a double-opt-in option.

14. SendGrid

SendGrid is an email marketing software that provides excellent solutions for those businesses that are medium-sized. It is a tool that is known to be developer-friendly with a SendGrid API.

This tool allows for the sending of events by the developers. The SendGrid tool is a tool that is not very user friendly, especially in cases where bloggers, small businesses, and online entrepreneurs are involved.


• The tool allows for a lot of integrations with other enterprise tools

• It has Google Analytics integrated into it

• It has the capability of checking for spam

• It provides for reporting options

• It has auto-response, image hosting, and social media marketing capabilities.


• It is not user friendly, especially for beginners

• The drag and drop is not easy to use

• The tool does not have any templates that are ready-made

• It is hard to customize the emails if you do not know HTML

Paid version starts at $14.95/month.

15. iContact

It is one of the best online marketing platforms for emails. It comes with features that are comprehensive and plans that are very effective for email marketing. Its email marketing services are effective since it allows for marketing automation.