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7 Powerful Resources For Your Content Marketing Toolkit

Updated: May 17, 2021

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that aims at promoting a brand of products and services. It focuses on building and dispensing consistent content to attract and retains potential consumers and to increase profit. Content marketing can be executed in various ways as long as it is an effective approach.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend when it comes to content marketing tools. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy in the footer.

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Content Marketing Toolkit

Content Marketing Toolkit contains the tools that help content marketing to be strategic, organized, and successful and therefore accelerating the marketing process. The right tools in content marketing ensure that the target audiences are reached, and inspired so that they may take an action.

The toolkit also has checklists that boost the brand during content marketing. The tools for Content Marketing includes Content Calendar Template, Social Media Distribution Plan, Content Audit Template, Content Gap Analysis, and SEO Checklist, Content Marketing Strategy, and Metrics and Analytics Dashboard.

Best Practices of Content Marketing

The main aim of content marketing is to create content that will compel the target customers to take action especially if it is extraordinary. With technology and digital marketing strategy, content marketing keeps on advancing. It is not only a way of creating and publishing content but it is a perfect business model.

The target audience should be engaged by providing them with the necessary information, which will help them familiarize themselves with the brands using the right platform at the right time. For this strategy to succeed, it must be flexible so that in case of a change in customers' behavior, and the demands, it will still give good results.

The best practices essential in content marketing include:

• Understanding Who the Audience is

You should be able to get the customer's trust so that they may take action of accepting without any compromise. You should understand who the target audience is, understand their needs, and how the message will reach them in a way that they will understand.

Understand the relevant topics that will be comfortable for them. Identify the gaps that need to be filled to ensure that nothing is left pending.

• Deliver a Content With Value

You should ensure that you deliver valuable content that represents the brand to your customers especially in blogs brand. Blogs are engaging since the customers can ask some questions and they get them answered. Valuable quality content will help you gain the trust of the customers.

• Personalize the content

The main target is the customers and therefore, you should grab the attention of the customers so that they feel special and recognized. You can allow the customers to give their recommendations like including their names, labels in the product, and suggestions that will boost the brand of the product.

By doing so, you will increase the reach, acceptance and they will feel that your company is caring. Personalize content shows that your company is a reliable source of information with quality products.

• Create a Content that Resonates with Customers to Create a Bond

You should get personal and be able to create a tie with the customers. Interact with the customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and get a response from them concerning the various brand. Share some photos involving the customer’s participation so that they feel in touch and connected to the company and it will attract many customers.

Make use of a content marketing strategy template.

• Engage the customers using the right conversations

You should know the content that should be introduced at a certain stage of buying. A good conversation with the customers makes them lively and look forward to buying products.

Ensure that the conversation is lively and interactive. This makes them get appealed and they will go to the next stage of the buying process.

• Combine with Optimized Campaign

A content with high-quality content plays a crucial role in search engines because of the high demand and it will be liked by the audience. High-quality content that provides the best answers in the search engine improves ranking. The content should be unique, and aligned with the aim. You can include a keyword in a page but avoid over-optimization.

• Inquire From Them How To Better The Services

Engage the customers to get their point of view and how you can better the services based on their desires. Respond to their inquiries and give them answers to the things they are not certain about.

Be keen to hear from them as this will increase their acceptance. Some media platforms and content platforms allow effective communication by providing instant replies to the questions asked by the customers. Questions and answers can be enhanced by creating a comment session, question and answer, and instant replies.

• Involve the Use of Humor in Your Content

Involving funny content increases engagement and it makes the audience attentive and the message will be passed effectively. While using funny content, ensure that you maintain decorum and control hilarity. Do not use funny comments that draw away from the audience from listening to the important message.

• Ask For The Feedback After The Message Is Received.

You should allow the audience to give their feedback. With the feedback that they give, you shall be able to know if the content was useful for them or useless. You will use the feedback to define a more strategic and useful approach that will target them. Feedback is important as it enables the customers to elaborate and express their thoughts about the content.

• You Can Use Video To Deliver Content

The content is not only the use of the text but it is in various forms like video. Online marketing uses video largely as it grabs and holds the attention of the customers. The video should be clear, entertaining and it should be valuable to the customers.

• Be Creative

Creative content stands out from the competitors as long as it is valuable and relevant. You may come up with new ideas that ensure that the message is delivered effectively in a way that the customers are not used to. A new idea is easily accepted, unlike the monotonous content. Check out this content marketing guide for some more details.

Now let's take a look at some of the best tools to have in your content marketing toolkit.

The Best 7 Tools to Have in a Content Toolkit

1. Use SEMrush to Build a Content Marketing strategy

SEMrush is one of my favorite resources, where one can get all your content marketing needs in one platform. You should make use of the SEMrush because it helps shape an effective content marketing strategy.

You can get information concerning the competition’s intelligence on SEMrush and other features ease the work of content marketing strategy.

SEMrush ensures that the process is simplified. It is an all-in-one marketing tool and it can be used to handle all technical requirements for SEO and social media posts. Give SEMrush a try.

2. Make Use of the Hubspot CMS to Personalize the Content

The use of the HubSpot CMS is essential because they help in the creation of content, distribution, and analytics. With this marketing tool, you can create and edit blog posts, site pages, and emails easily. You can decide to use a content marketing strategy template or start afresh.

The software tool for HubSpot is for content management and it has features that include: A/B testing. It also has features that help in hosting the video. There is the safety of high-quality and hosting.

You can personalize the content by publishing the content with the passwords. Before writing or publishing content, you should first have an idea. The idea can be generated using the questions, oppositions, views from the customers among others. You can have it as a resource in your marketing tool kit so that if you need creativity for topics.

3. Use Knowledge Management Template to Create Content

The use of the Digital Marketing Strategy Template makes content creation to be easy. The tools help to store and organize the visions among the team leaders in one place. Digital Marketing Strategy Template helps to cover a wide range because most of the audience is digital and they can access any information concerning the market at any time.

4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to Create Compelling Titles

The headline of the content will determine whether the audience will continue engaging with your content or not. It is the first thing to notice. Captivating headlines will trigger the attention of the audience.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer can be used to test the potentiality of the content titles before publishing. This tool analyses potential titles and rates them according to reliability, structure, and grammar. It also proposes various ways that can be used to make it engaging, powerful, and enticing to the audience. This can really aid your content marketing strategy.

5. Use Google Drive Research Tool to Research and Supplement

In case you are looking for some points to add to your content, make use of this tool because it has Google Doc writing that allows you to search content without leaving the document. You will avoid the distraction of opening new tabs but you will just click the icon in the bottom-right corner and it is free.

6. Use Of Buffer Social Media Management Platform

The use of tools like SEMrush, Buffer, or Zoho social helps in content distribution because it increases the reach. Managing all social media accounts may not be an easy task but with the use of buffer's social media scheduler, it eases the work. The content can be posted on various media platforms. These platforms include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Research indicates that social media is the ideal channel for content distribution and it is the second beside email. You can create a profile on LinkedIn then use this platform to check the type of posts preferred by the audience when they are online, you can then use their reviews to improve the content marketing strategy template.

7. Include High-Definition Imagery by use of the Pexels

Digital content is enhanced by the use of a digital marketing strategy template. Pexels is a platform that provides a source of free photos and videos that can be used in the content. You can choose from a variety of pictures available.

You can filter your search base on categories and subcategories and organize the images. They also have resources useful for content management and graphic design. Pexels is free and you cannot be asked to attribute the creators of the pictures.

The pictures can be uploaded into the gallery so that you can easily access them. There are other platforms such as Shutterstock, Getty images, and Unsplash that can be useful as well.

In addition to the information provided above, I want us to take a good look at SEMrush as a content marketing tool.

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform Guide

Content management and marketing possess a lot of challenges to the content creators. You need to accurately manage your marketing course if you want your content to come out very successful. Consider all the details in every step you take. To manage your content, you have to spend much of your time to manage tasks such as:

• Strategic Analysis

• Creating Content

• Coming up with Ideas

• Content Optimization

• Distribution

• Measurement of Various Performance Metrics

You require a lot of resources and valuable time if you want to achieve these tasks’ demands. Achieving great efficiency while creating quality content is the dream of every content creator. With the emergence of technology, marketing has become very efficient since less time is required to perform very hard tasks.

Marketers can perform several functions with one kit since there are many content marketing toolkits that are very friendly. These content marketing toolkits not only saves them time but also saves the effort and resources available.

SEMrush content marketing platform has gained a lot in terms of reputation. This platform has come in handy to help in content creation by bringing creativity in the content marketing platform.

The platform has done away with the heavy task and guesswork that has been involved in content marketing. Below are some of the features found in the SEMrush content marketplace?

Content Marketing Toolkit

SEMrush toolkit contains tools which can enable the professionals to manage their projects in a better way as they create compelling and engaging content. Content marketers can connect their content to their audience in a quick and meaningful way.

Of course, every content professional would love to create a campaign that is full of impact as they also tend to improve on the previous content.

The toolkit is designed in such a way that you can improve on your existing content plan as you also create new content on a higher level of engagement. You are also able to boost some of the key performance metrics as you do engagement.

• Find a Topic

Finding a Topic as a content creator, your trending topic must be relevant to the one that is in the domain. So finding a topic should be your priority. There is a research tool in the SEMrush dashboard that will help you find the relevant topic.

You simply have to enter your topic based on your content, and the ideas and tips will come out, helping you generate engaging content.

SEMrush has critical metrics such as recent articles, related searches, keywords, and posted questions. This topic research tool is designed to provide information relating to questions that people constantly ask.

The research tool also discovers the popular topics and the most recent article titles for the keywords targeted. Data is also filtered by research tools based on the country, region, and the city. The research provides interesting topics by the audience to the content marketer.

As a content marketer, you can find the best topics, ideas, and even the trending topics within a particular time frame. You can also create a more optimized search engine when you use the topic research tool.

• Creating a Plan

SEM content marketing calendar plan

With the topics at hand, you are now required to have a plan. As a content marketer, you need to have a marketing calendar tool to make sure you complete your projects within the required period.

You are also able to see various projects in real-time if you use the marketing calendar tool. Features of the marketing calendar tool include; filtering information on various parameters and real-time displaying changes made by any team member.

Also, sharing the calendar with other team members helps you get ready to access all tasks. Another feature is that you can assign colors to individual campaigns, mention tasks, and tag them for easy access.

If you are working as a team or individually and want to ensure that you beat the scheduled timeline, and then make sure you use the marketing calendar from this platform. The marketing calendar will ensure you don’t miss out on the deadline.

There are notification alert features that alert you and the team to approaching the deadline date.

This calendar has got a dragging feature, which, when clicked, you can easily fine-tune due dates making it easy to update and reassign duties as a team. The calendar infuses transparency and efficiency to various campaigns. That is why it is greatly essential to people doing a project in a group.

• Writing Article

The most important part of the content marketing process is the article writing part. As a writer, ensure you draw your readers’ attention by writing exciting and engaging content.

Make your readers glued to your website by giving them the best content. It may not seem easy, but with the content template from the SEMrush data, you can easily create new content.

SEO ensures that you can create and export templates more easily. You only have to key in the keywords as you generate the templates which suit you. Some of the functions of the content template include; tracking competitors’ content activity.

You’re also able to get a list of websites for backlinks building. You can get accurate input on text length and readability. The other thing SEO content template can do is create fully optimized content based on specific recommendations and build links to your new content to boost web traffic.

• Optimizing the Article

Optimizing the article is very important after creating the content. Make sure you have the best writers to provide good content to the audience. Marketers, too, should be well conversant with the task to ensure they provide killer content to the targeted audience.

Getting your content to be ranked among the top ten results on Google becomes a real challenge, but with the SEMrush Paid SEO writing assistant, you can get high-quality content within the required time.

With the writing assistants, content creators can create unique texts in a very short time, and they’re search-optimized. The clicks are done in Google documents or even a WordPress account.

The writing assistant is also employed to ensure your copy is optimized. It ensures the quality of your article is enhanced before it is published; it also makes your article readable.

Another use of an SEO writing assistant is to assess the quality of your article and also ensure your content has a strong brand tone. The writing assistant has features that check on plagiarism ant the content voice to ensure your brand voice syncs together.

The key metrics such as the length, readability, linking, target, and keywords are also checked by the assistant.

To allow the platform to create the recommended list for your text, you have to choose a combination of keywords. And you cannot also rely only on keywords because the Google algorithms keep on changing.

Google algorithms constantly evolve, so you don’t have to concentrate only on the keywords. SEMrush data ensures that the words which are related semantically are used in the content with your keywords. By doing so, your search engine will be able to understand your article’s context.

• To Analyze Mentions

There must be a way to track your progress in content strategy. You have to assess whether you are getting forward, or some places need adjustment to attain your content strategy.

There are a lot of tools offered by SEMrush free platform, which ensures your result is accurate, quick, and more efficient. The tools are used to measure blog posts performance, keyword effectiveness, visibility trend, referral, and website traffic.

The content platform helps in tracking performance not only for individual websites but also the third party websites within a short time. You can as well find new resources mentioning your brand, industry, and your competitors. You’re able to measure new content based on metrics such as authority score, traffic volume per month, and the potential reach.

• Measuring the Impact

A marketing strategy cannot be complete without monitoring the impact moves of various campaign components. You have to draw a clear picture of what influences the reputation of your brand content.

You also have to ensure the image of your brand is maintained. Run a regular content audit to assess your brand daily. This is the most reliable way you can track the impact and, at the same time, track the influence of your content.

You are also able to understand the type of content your user-generation is producing.

You can track up to 50 articles plus the ones published by your competitors using tis content platform. Another benefit of this tool is that you can view several received and shared articles on various social media platforms.

You can also search google rankings by adding in your keywords to the contents.

• Revise and Improve

You can revise and improve the low-quality content into better content. Ensure you capture the attention of your audience by giving them the best. You can only achieve this by analyzing and choosing the best marketing approach. And this can only be achieved by the SEMrush content platform.

Use the content audit tool to analyze articles within a very short time. You can segment the articles into specific groups to consider them for future updates. The performance of the articles is measured by backlinks and social shares from Google analytics. The analytics helps inaccurate tracking of content performance since it allows access to all content metrics.


With rising technology, content marketing has played a very vital part as far as a marketing technique is concerned. It is not easy to get it right, but you can become a powerful content creator with a systematic approach. Well, we believe this guide answers important SEMrush FAQ for digital marketing and delivery of the needed content.

My Thoughts

As a final note, for you to be successful in content marketing you are required to put in some effort, resources, and energy for it to be effective. The content marketing tools can be useful when engaging your audience so that the information is clearly communicated and thus will result in an increase in sales or traffic.

These tools are effective and with them, you can create better, and more engaging content.

That's all folks.

What do you think of this post are there any other tools I should have included? Leave me a comment.

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