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Chrome Journeys Let You Revisit Your Old Google Searches

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Chrome Journeys let you revisit your old Google Searches

Google Chrome is rolling out Journeys, a feature that helps you to get back your recent browsing sessions depending on the topic matter you were looking for. If you type a word within the address bar that’s relating to some convoluted hole you’ve been down in the past, you’ll see a “Resume your research” choice that links you to the connected websites you’ve visited before.

Thus far, it appears like it might be a much more viable resolution than excavation through your search history for that one site you reasonably keep in mind visiting 3 weeks ago. If you were knee-deep in analysis concerning axolotls, you ought to see all the connected pages you accessed in Journeys whenever you type within the creature’s name at a later date. The Journeys page will conspicuously show the sites you’ve spent longer periods on and will also give suggestions based on what you’ve searched for.

Google notes that you simply can delete specific sites enclosed in your Journeys, erase entire chunks of your history, in addition, you can put off the feature altogether. None of it is saved to your Google Account either, so you won’t need to worry about past Journeys haunting your browsing experience on mobile — for now, a minimum of (Google needs to expand it to alternative devices within the future). It’s presently accessible on the desktop version of Chrome on all in operation systems in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Besides Journeys, Google is additionally adding one or two more updates in the type of Chrome Actions and widgets. Chrome Actions are commands you'll be able to offer Chrome by typing them directly in your address bar — some new ones embody “manage settings,” “share this tab,” and “view your Chrome history,” all of that is more convenient than opening and scrolling through Settings. Google offers a full list of Actions on this page.

Lastly, Google is adding some new conveniences for Chrome on robots (that were initially noticed within the beta release of Chrome 95 last year).

2 widgets go along with the choices to conduct a text, voice, Lens, and personal search, however, they’re in numerous formats — one is conferred with the Chrome address bar on high and 4 icons below, whereas the other features a horizontal layout with the address bar to the left of the icons. There’s conjointly a separate widget for Google’s dino game, that is known for appearing after you use Chrome in offline mode. Google says you'll be able to add widgets by long-pressing on Chrome’s icon so choosing “widgets.” It sounds like a straightforward way to run up a fast search.


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