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Facebook Investing $1 Billion in Creators

Facebook is looking at rewarding content creators more in the next year here is a statement from the organization.

Content Creator producing video content
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By the end of 2022, we plan to invest more than $1 billion in projects to provide YouTube users with new opportunities to take advantage of the content they create on Facebook and Instagram.

From artists to style lovers to aspiring artists, creators embody the passion and creativity we see in the app in many ways. As we continue to develop creative tools such as Live Audio Rooms and Bulletin, and monetized products such as Stars and Affiliates, I also want to reward creators, especially those who are just starting out, because they create content that the community loves.

This investment includes new loyalty programs that pay eligible YouTube users when they use our monetization and creative tools to achieve certain results. We will also provide seed funding for YouTubers to create their content. Our goal is to help as many authors as possible. Obtain long-term and sustainable success through our app.

Introducing Bonuses

We are launching a loyalty program to reward creators who share the wonderful content that people love. Bonuses can also help creators understand which content is best for them.

The loyalty program is seasonal and will change and expand over time. Although some reward programs are already available for selected invitees, such as our badges and star contests, we will launch a special reward point on the Instagram app this summer. In the fall on the Facebook app, creators can learn about the bonuses they can get.

Bonus is now available

The first Facebook bonus opportunity now available through invitation helps YouTube users earn more income while learning how to create monetizable content.

InStream Bonus pays bonus income to selected video artists who use InStream Ads within the next four months.

Star Bonus-We are expanding our Stars Challenge program to include selected game developers. Participating video and game developers will receive monthly bonuses when they reach certain star milestones in the next three months. The First Invitation Only Bonus on Instagram rewards creators who subscribe to IGTV ads and use live broadcast and reel badges:

American creators can now get IGTV promotional bonuses, allowing creators to receive a one-time IGTV advertising subscription bonus, which makes They can share the advertising revenue generated during the video.

The Pins in Live Bonus are currently available to creators in 11 countries/regions when the creator reaches a certain milestone (such as B. account change. The Reels Summer Bonus will be launched to YouTube users in the United States in the next few weeks, and YouTube users will be paid to create awesome Reels content on Instagram. Creators can find summer reels bonuses in the new bonus section of the Instagram app, and you will receive bonuses based on how your character works.

We plan to implement further reels before the end of the year Bonus programs.

Our loyalty program approach

We want to be transparent when designing these programs so that creators can clearly understand where and how to make money:

Authentic- Designed to reward those who create original, loved ones, Developers of high-quality content.

Achievable: Designed to support developers of all sizes from various industries who can benefit from the various content in our applications.

Simple and feasible-easy to understand requirements, writers can meet these Requests to grow their business.

All loyalty program creators must abide by our membership monetization policy.

To show interest and register to learn about our Facebook monetization products and reward programs For more information, please visit the Facebook monetization tool for YouTube users. Learn more about Instagram creators in the rewards section of the app, which will be launched in the next few weeks.


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