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How You Can Put Your Old Smartphones To Good Use

Technology is growing at a rapid rate and hence newer smartphones are being launched almost on a regular basis. We all find our smartphones becoming outdated after 2 years or more as newer models are released at a high rate, forcing consumers to purchase these new phones with new features. In this article, I will discuss ways you can put your old phones to good use instead of dumping them in a box and leaving them to waste away. With the modern technological features of smartphones nowadays it would be a shame not to put them to good use even if you have gotten a new phone for yourself.

Let's dive into the topic of the day, here are six ways you can put your old smartphones to good use.

1. To Watch Videos

You can use your old phones to view videos this way there will be no calls interrupting your viewing time. I personally use my old phone to watch videos on Youtube, movies on Netflix. This will allow you to reserve your new phone for other functions like calls and communication.

2. Video Games

You can use your old smartphone as a video game console so to speak, hereby saving storage space on your new phone. If you love playing a lot of video games on your smartphone then this is a good option for you.

3. As an Educational Device For Your Children

I have installed some awesome apps for my kids on my old phones which they utilize to learn and have fun as well. Youtube kids is one of the apps for kids that is for fun and education at the same time. This can save you some money that would have been used to buy a tablet for your kids.

4. Video Calls

You can use your old smartphones for video calls. As a result of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so many people work from home. I have set up one of my old smartphones for making video calls for virtual meetings or live streaming, It makes it easier due to the fact that it has been set up for this alone.

5. GPS

You can set up your old phone as a GPS for when you are driving using either offline or online maps. It sure beats buying a GPS for an additional amount of money that can be saved.

6. Security Camera

You can download some apps to make your old phones act as security cameras, by placing them in hidden places. This is another valuable use for your old smartphones.


There are numerous ways you can put your old phones to good use, so do not throw them away if they are still functional. I have built a habit of always putting my old phones to good use.

That's all folks.

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