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Lagos ZIP code: postal code in Lagos State (full list)

Updated: May 17

postal codes in lagos

Postal codes or zip codes in any country or state are used to make it easy for one to identify a particular location. In Nigeria, the post code for Lagos City in each area is different from the one assigned at the head post. The Lagos ZIP code is made up of 6 digits assigned by the head post office in Ikeja, Lagos city, Nigeria. All postal codes in Lagos state.

Lagos is categorized into metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas which make up the 20 local government areas in the state. The two sub-divisions are used to structure the Lagos ZIP code or postcode for Lagos in each region. It is therefore essential for you to search for the specific area ZIP code for Lagos, for example, “Lagos postal code for Ikeja”.

The following is a list of Postal codes in Lagos state ZIP codes of various areas which are similar to the streets within them. They include:

  • Surulere Postal Code: 101283

  • Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154)

  • Abarenji: 100269

  • Ikorodu postal code: 104101

  • Ajah postal code: 101245

  • Victoria Island postal code: 101241 (streets 84)

  • Yaba ZIP code: 101212 (streets 87)

  • Abarenji: 100269

  • Agarawu: 101229

  • Abule Ijesha: 101213

  • Adeniji Adele: 101226

  • Ahmadia: 100331

  • Alakija Old Ojo: 102262

  • Amukoko Alaba Oro: 102212

  • Amukoko North: 102215

  • Amukoko West: 102213

  • Amukoko East: 102214

  • Apapa West: 101254

  • Apapa North: 101252

  • Apapa South: 101253

  • Atunrase Estate Gbagada: 100235

  • Ayodele Street: 100233

  • Abule Egba: 100276

  • Alagbado: 100314 Allen: 100281

  • Anthony: 100282

  • Bakare Faro: 102216

  • Bungalow Estate: 100264

  • Balogun: 100267

  • Bode Thomas: 101211

  • Alakuko: 100271

  • Alapere Ketu: 100244

  • Captain: 100341

  • Domepu: 100273

  • Egan: 100268

  • Alimosho: 100275

  • Akesan: 100268

  • Egbe: 100265

  • Fadeyi: 100252

  • Festac Community II: 102312

  • Festac Community III: 102313

  • Festac Community IV: 102314

  • Gbagada: 100234

  • Idi Oro: 100254

  • Idumagbo: 101228

  • Idumu: 100276

  • Ifako Agege: 100215

  • Ijaye: 100311

  • Igando: 100267

  • Ijedodo: 100269

  • Ijesgatedo: 101282

Having postal codes in Lagos will ease the process for you.

Read Also - Ikejo Post Codes

  • Ijora Badia East: 102221

  • Ijora Badia Central: 102222

  • Ijora Badia North: 102224

  • Ijora Badia West: 102223

  • Iju Isaga: 100216

  • Ijora Oloye: 101255

  • Ikata: 100281

  • Iju Water Works: 102216

  • Ikosi: 100246

  • Ikeja postal code: 100282 (Oba Akran)

  • Ikotun: 100265

  • Ikoyi: 101233

  • Ipaja: 100278

  • Ilupeju: 100252

  • Ilaje: 102266

  • Isale Eko: 101226

  • Isheri Oke: 100214

  • Isheri Osun: 100266

  • Itafaji: 101225

  • Itire: 100281

  • Ikosi: 100246

  • Jibowu: 100252

  • Ketu Mile 12: 100247

  • Ketu: 100243

  • Ketu Orisigun: 100245

  • Kirikiri Face: 102273

Other Nigeria ZIP code Lagos contacts include:

  • Kirikiri Industrial: 102272

  • Lawanson: 100254

  • Lafiaji: 101223

  • Lekki postal code: 105102

  • Makoko Extension: 101244

  • Magodo: 100248

  • Maryland: 100211

  • Marina: 100221

  • Massy: 101225

  • Mende: 100211

  • Meiran: 100361

  • Mushin: 100253

  • Obonikoro: 100232

  • Obalende: 101232

  • Ogba Aguda: 100218

  • Offin: 101227

  • Ogudu: 100242

  • Ojokoro: 100313

  • Okepopo: 101224

  • Oko Oba Agege: 100284

  • Olota: 100341

  • Olute/ Navy Town: 102341

  • Onike: 100213

  • Onikan: 101231

  • Opebi: 100281

  • Oya Estate: 100274

  • Sari Granum Olire North: 102232

  • Sari Iganmu Olire South: 102231

  • Site C: 102263

  • Sangisa: 100248

  • Shogunle: 100261

  • Shomolu Pedro: 100233

  • Tujusho: 101211

  • Suberu Oje: 100351

  • Lagos Island postal code: 101223

Lagos ZIP codes given by the post office in Nigeria are also referred to as postal code for Lagos. The various Lagos post codes help you to navigate different parts of the city easily. For those looking to visit specific areas or who want to access people from those areas, having Lagos postal codes will ease the process for you.


Lagos is one of the most popular cities in Nigeria, if not even the most popular. We have many personalities who base in the state, almost all entertainment personalities are there, large business and firms take their company there even the biggest churches we have in Nigeria, all their headquarters are based there. The State is actually called the centre of entertainment for this country. Every big show hosted in Nigeria are mostly done here.

Lagos State was one of the 12th states created on the 27th of May 1967 by General Yakubu Gowon. Due to our calculations, we can see the state is up to 50 years. Known as the economic capital of Nigeria, there are probably some things you do not know about Lagos State when we say Nigeria one of the first thing that will come to your mind is this State. This article will bring you top ten amazing facts you need to know about Lagos. Trust me when I say you may be shocked when you see some of the facts listed below.

  1. THE MOST POPULOUS STATE IN NIGERIA: when we talk about Lagos, the next thing that should come to your mind is the large number of people living there. The most popular state in West Africa. We have so many countries in West Africa so this state being the most populous states just imagine the large number of people who reside there.

  2. THE SMALLEST STATE: Don’t be surprised when you see this. It looks absurd because it is actually the most populous state. One question that will be going through your mind is that how come the state is able to accommodate that large amount of people? Well just keep reading you will find out. Nigeria has 36 states so out of the 36 states, Lagos is the smallest.

  3. THE LONGEST BRIDGE IN AFRICA: If someone was to tell you this without you reading this article you will say that it’s not true. As big as Africa with over 50 countries this State is said to have the longest bridge. This bridge connects Lagos Island to the mainland and it’s 11.8km long.

  4. IT COMPRISES OF A FLOATING CITY: Now what is a floating city, we should know that a floating city is built over water. Makoko is in the state of Lagos and has been built over water. People use waterways to travel through the city which is actually unique. Am sure no city in Nigeria actually does that.

  5. THE ECONOMIC HUB OF NIGERIA: A center for major economic activities in West Africa. Take a trip to V.I or mainland, you will see different big businesses around which are actually thriving today. An entrepreneur who wants to start off a new business here, first to start up or map out what he wants to do.

  6. HANDLES 80% OF NIGERIA IMPORTS: Lagos port is responsible for processing 80% imports in Nigeria. It is located on the Southwest beach line of Nigeria. The state is actually filled up with water or rather built on water, so this should not be a surprise to you, as the state that controls the majority of the country imports. The port is also listed in the top ten in Africa.

  7. FASTEST GROWING STATE IN THE WORLD: Lagos State is regarded as one of the fastest growing states in the world. With more and more different business springing up daily and the state is actually growing.

  8. NOLLYWOOD IS CENTERED IN LAGOS: When comparing Lagos State to other places it is actually regarded as to California in the United States. I know you might be thinking right now why is it compared that way. It should be noted that Nollywood which is the most popular film industry in Africa is centered in Lagos. A lot the movie acting of different scenes for movies take place here, so you can actually see the reason why it is like that.

  9. HIGHEST NUMBER OF MILLIONAIRES IN NIGERIA: For a state that has the top industries centered there, entertainment, movies, and business what do you expect. You should actually expect a lot from this state as it has the highest number of millionaires in the country. Lagos State is third when it comes to the richest city we have in Africa with Johannesburg and Cairo topping the charts.

  10. TALLEST BUILDING IN WEST AFRICA: When we talk about tall buildings, this wonderful state is topping the charts in West Africa. The state plays host to the tallest building in West Africa like the NECOM towers is the tallest building in West Africa which is in Lagos state. The NECOM building is 160m above the city.

We have talked about Lagos State and we have given you some amazing facts which you need to know.


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