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Nigerian Businesses Turn To Alternative Social Media Apps Since Twitter Ban

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

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More than a month after announcing the Twitter ban, TheCable talked with some business owners and startup founders to understand how the ban affects their business, especially customer relationships and the company's audience engagement strategy.

A creative director for a travel firm said that this is a platform to promote tourism among young people. He said the brand has been struggling.

"Because of the small number of people currently on Twitter, the number of people we can contact through this platform is limited," he told TheCable.

"We have more than 2,000 loyal followers, and they keep getting information about our upcoming events, and the ban does not allow them to communicate with us."

Joshua said that the platform was creating outdoor adventures for young people among other related activities to encourage local tourism, but the Twitter ban has damaged its influence.

A businesswoman, who sells oily perfume and plain T-shirts on Twitter, shared her disappointment after the ban was announced.

"70% of my customers come from Twitter. Without further explanation, you can already imagine the impact this ban will have on my business. Twitter is a large community with a lot of participation, which is why many companies are more active there, the Deprivation of this platform has hurt businesses.”

Nigeria, the most populous country and largest economy in Africa, is recovering from Twitter’s permanent ban.

NOI polls, polls, and research conducted by the Nigerian Research Organization estimate that 39.6 million Nigerians use Twitter, of which 20% are used for commercial advertising and 18% are used for job search.

Customer Service

Before the ban, most commercial banks and telecommunications companies relied heavily on Twitter to handle customer complaints.

"The ban means more customers come to our branch to solve problems," said a bank manager who asked not to be named told TheCable

"We had to stop our Twitter activities to avoid this. From a regulatory perspective, we have to use other platforms where you have a younger generation to protect our brand. It helps a lot.

"We have Facebook Messenger, where we can answer questions and complaints, We also have WhatsApp chat, our call center is also working hard to answer customer calls, and our Instagram population is also growing.

An employee of a Bank, said that the bank was planning to hold an event on Twitter to review the resumes of young Nigerians and improve their job opportunities, but the bank cannot celebrate the event after the ban is issued., Deprived Nigerians of employment opportunities.

Some Fintech founders who wish to remain anonymous worry that the ban may delay investment opportunities in the Fintech industry.

The federal government has now formed a team of senior ministers to negotiate and discuss how to continue using Twitter.


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