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Roku Now Streams Over 200 Live TV Channels At A Great Price

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Roku Remote Control
Image Credit Simon Isoa / Simblog

Are you looking for value for money when it comes to your entertainment on television?

Roku adds over a dozen new channels to the Live TV Channel Guide on Roku Channel, its free streaming service. In Nigeria, getting affordable television is crucial in these current times.

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On Jumia, you can get the Roku Express Streaming Device for just 23,750 Naira.

Most people have a preference for streaming videos on platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, and Spotify, with Roku you are covered.

Roku Live Streaming Live TV Center includes over 200 channels that you can watch for free. The most recent list of channels associated with your live guide includes CBC, AccuWeather Now, FilmRise True Crime, Haunt TV, and IGN. Also, add a channel dedicated to The Wiggles to celebrate their experience of two kids and family starting in 2019.

The full list of new channels is as follows:

  • AccuWeather Now

  • Baywatch

  • CBC

  • El Rey

  • Estrella Game

  • FilmRise Kids

  • FilmRise True Crime

  • Haunt TV

  • IGN

  • Mega Noticias

  • RCN Más

  • Real Madrid TV

  • So ... Real

  • The Only Way Is Essex

  • Tribeca Channel

  • The Wiggles Powered by Loop Media, Inc.

  • Vivaldi

Last July 2020, the Roku'TV guide featured over 100 linear and live channels. That number has doubled in a year in a statement by Ashley Hovey, director of development for AVOD at Roku. The recent foray into native programming has also expanded since the acquisition of the Quibi library earlier this year.

Hovey added that "the demand for quality free programming is still important to our streamers."


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