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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Scale Your Business

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Social media marketing is important for any business to succeed, in this post, I will be discussing how to use an effective social media marketing strategy for small businesses.

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What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.

The importance of marketing on social media cannot be downplayed. Marketing is time-consuming when there is so much to be done, but absolutely one of the chores that will save, increase, sell your business to others online. Do it right. Discover all you can about your audience. Find out what time of day and which days your potential buyers are regularly on that media. It can make you very successful.

Don’t underestimate the importance of social media marketing. Look around you and see how many people are on the telephone or working on an internet device. Think about putting your information onto that space where they see it briefly, but they see it and plan a social media strategy around that. Who are you trying to reach? Target an audience.

I’ve been in online business and this is one thing that took me a while to learn. It’s a learning process. First, start with a social media strategy. Make a plan. Maybe it is not right and you won’t be satisfied with it. Start! Everything can be changed. If you make an advertisement and find it unappealing, change it.


Get help with planning your marketing for social media. Make a social media plan. Google, Facebook, and Instagram have analytics that helps you track performance and understand the behavior of your audience. These are free and if you keep working with them, they become invaluable in planning your marketing on social media. They have all kinds of information from words to data on cities, states, global, businesses, and products that easily sell well those that take some knowledge to sell and require more work.

These apps provide insights on what words to use or what keywords are more engaging. This is important to know when you are planning social media strategies. Don’t turn your audience off with content that doesn't resonate with them. The analysis will tell you which items sell the most and in what area’s of the world and which states. These tools are invaluable and free.

If you need more help, hire a social media marketing expert to manage that aspect of your business. The price, if reasonable, will be worth it. Advertising agencies cost a lot and are usually used by larger companies. They have already established themselves, but maybe a small agency might sell you ideas, like logos or strategies on social media marketing.

Consultants also cost a lot of money, you can use a freelancer that knows the business and can help you. Don’t get a sales pitch that derails the sales. For instance, don’t call your item “a picture of themselves” when you are selling mirrors. Say you are selling mirrors. Have your company name say something about mirrors that people can recognize.

You need phrases that identify your company and clearly show what you are selling.

Getting A Logo

Logos can simple and often have nothing to do with the product. Look at Microsoft, the windows logo makes perfect sense, but the rectangular orange-shaped logo for Word 365 doesn’t, but it is recognized globally. So, find or create a logo that denotes your company and what you sell. It’s not easy and can take a couple of days to come up with something.


Build your professional reputation, by putting out great products and content. A bad event or product can lead to the loss of customers. Facebook has been faced with public criticism and by other businesses involving arguments on politics. . Small or not if you do business you have customers and customers have opinions, you need to maintain the right standard.

Goal Setting

Have a goal. Make that goal a reasonable marketing strategy social media-wise, one that can be accomplished in a short time otherwise change them. Don’t alter things on a whim. Analyze why your goals aren’t working, and learn from this.

Know Your Customers

• How did you reach them?

• What pleases them?

• How old are they?

• What education and salaries most of them have?

• What are their hobbies and interests?

• Are they male or female, married, single, or living with another?

• What kind of work are they in?

Gather insights on your customers' behaviors and use this to serve them better and grow your customer list.

Video Marketing

It may not be as hard as you think and they do put your company in public. People like the one on one contact. Videos are becoming and will continue to become more popular. As the focus span for humans' reading gets shorter, videos are a great way to connect with customers or audiences.


Concerning your adverts, how do you decide which social média marketing apps will do the proper job? If you’ve decided upon your target audience you should do some research on which are most likely looking at which platform. Then decide on your ads budget and at what times to the ads should be live.

Marketing with social media can be tricky. How much, though, should you advertise? And who should you select for the job? Who should be your social media marketers?

Choose the platform that has the customers you have researched and who are known to use that platform. Advertise at the times they are on social media, you can get these details from insights on social media apps. Of course, also choose the platform that comes closest to selling your products.

How many advertisements to order:

• Facebook saturation would be 1-2 times a day

• Instagram would be 1-3 times a day

• Twitter would be 1-15 times a day

• LinkedIn 1 times a day

• Pinterest 3-11 times a day

Be aware that it is impossible for you to police the production of your ads. If your advertisement is on from 4 until 5 PM, you cannot be on your phone or computer or wherever watching for your advertisement, and again an hour later, watching, watching again. The good thing is you can place these Ads by yourself if you understand the process on social media or you can hire someone to do that for you.

Keep Your Customers

Keep the customers you have nurtured until now, preferably with an email list. Then use the customer list. to promote sales, coupons, announcements of special events, percentage off, and free or special shipping.

One of the major aspects of the business by which customers select sales is the way the business treats its customers if the item was shipped and received in good order and is the right product if they are charged correctly, and their name is spelled right if emails and questions are answered swiftly. If there is a problem, it is taken seriously and corrected immediately.

You must choose what special offer you will use to promote and grow your business, whether it will be free shipping expenses, coupons, sales of special items, or something else.

Social media groups for marketing is an unique way to get groups of similar people to become customers. It allows people a chance to know you and your products personally and that is powerful. Personal interest will go a long way toward building your business. You can have group activities and engage many people at once. Think about the television channel that promotes cruises for members interested in movies. That is big. Marketing in social media, which a few years ago wasn’t that large in the advertising field is now paramount. Group social media for marketing might be the way to go. If you are going to use social media in advertising have a social media strategy to start your business.

Use A Scheduling Tool For Your Posts

Use a scheduling tool to automate your posts, this will give you more free time to attend to other tasks because consistent posting on social media is time-consuming especially if you are doing it manually. For example, I use Tailwindapp for my Pinterest account, and it is really resourceful, use my link for a special offer on Tailwind. For some more details on this check out my article on content marketing toolkit.

In Summary

Using the steps above will aid you in growing your online business to a successful one. Remember to always track the performance of your business online to enable you make the right decisions.

That's all folks.

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