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Top Ten Richest Countries in the World

Updated: Apr 14

Top Ten Richest Countries in the World

Many folks who swear that they've observed the way to happiness declare that it has nothing to do with cash. There is an exceedingly excessive hazard which you have heard the phrase, "Money can not purchase happiness." This assertion is undeniably correct, however there's additionally a sturdy counterargument—widespread proof indicates that now and again cash can allow monetary safety that leads you to experience a happier life. Read to the end to see the top 10 richest countries in the world.

Money can not purchase happiness, can it? The reality in the back of the saying. The middle reality in the back of this counterargument is that many negative emotions and conditions rise up from a much less-than-perfect monetary standing. When one's credit score rating is low, even fundamental prices which include renting an apartment, shopping a domestic, or simply getting a automobile may be hard or not possible to finance. Similarly, human beings on a confined earnings can discover it difficult to keep up with the bare necessities which include electricity, water, or even groceries. In short, a loss of cash can critically avert one's capacity to find the money for the fundamental "must-have" matters humans want to get through, not to mention luxurious items. This presence or loss of cash also can effect one's fitness. Wealthy human beings can frequently find the money for higher clinical remedy than people with much less cash, in particular in international locations with out commonplace fitness care. Moreover, an negative monetary popularity may be a main supply of pressure, anxiety, or depression.

What approximately the argument that cash can not purchase loved moments, that are arguably the maximum valuable treasure of all? Absolutely true. Granted, cash should buy many stuff which can assist create the ones reminiscences, which include vacations, tickets to live shows or wearing events, nights out at the town, journeys to the films or the entertainment park, items for cherished ones, and so on. But growing the ones reminiscences remains as much as the character. Plus, there are numerous different treasures that cash can not allow, which include love, trust, friendship, and religious peace.

Ultimately, the adage is true: Money can not purchase happiness. However, a chronic loss of cash can cause poor results starting from emotional pressure and disappointment to negative bodily fitness, so having as minimum sufficient cash to effortlessly cowl one's dwelling prices is a profitable and unselfish goal.

Gross Domestic Product Per Capita as a degree of countrywide wealth by analysing the gross home product in line with capita(GDP) of every country across the globe, it's miles viable to rank international locations primarily based totally on wealth after which it examines them to every different. Remember, however, that GDP in line with capita does now no longer always correspond to the common salary someone dwelling in a given country earns. For example, America' GDP in line with capita in 2019 become $sixty five,279.50, however its common annual salary become $51,916.27 and its median salary become $34,248.45. Even the wealthiest international locations have a few residents dwelling in poverty, or even the poorest international locations are domestic to some of extraordinarily wealthy residents—however it's a truthful indicator of a country's ordinary monetary fitness.

The International Monetary Fund releases a definitive rating of 236 international locations and territories of the world. Here's a sneak peek on the pinnacle 10 as of October 2021 (scroll down for the overall listing):

The Top 10 Richest Countries in the World (through GDP per Capita, present day costs in US$ - World Bank)

  1. Monaco - $190,512

  2. Liechtenstein - $180,366

  3. Luxembourg - $115,873

  4. Switzerland - $87,097

  5. Macao (China SAR) - $86,117

  6. Ireland - $85,267

  7. Norway - $67,389

  8. United States - $63,543

  9. Denmark - $61,063

  10. Singapore - $59,797

Developing international locations frequently have poor infrastructures and immature economies, that may place their residents and groups at a full-size drawback whilst competing in a worldwide market. Larger disruptions which include war, hunger, disease, and political unrest also can have a amazing poor effect on a rustic's GDP (in conjunction with almost each different element of existence). Factors which include those are why growing international locations are much more likely to seem at the listing of poorest international locations withinside the world, as a minimum for now.

Tax shelters and Gross National Income (GNI)GDP values can now and again be warped through worldwide commercial enterprise practices. For example, a few international locations (which include Ireland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) are seemed as "tax havens" way to authorities tax guidelines that desire overseas businesses. For those international locations, a widespread quantity of what registers as GDP may also sincerely be cash that worldwide organizations are funnelling via that country, rather than earnings this is sincerely staying there.

In an attempt to compensate for these tax havens' impact on countrywide GDPs, many economists additionally track every country's Gross National Income, or GNI. This metric could be very much like GDP in that it measures the overall fee of all the products and offerings produced in a country—however, it additionally provides or subtracts the cash getting into or in another country via overseas businesses. This allows accounting for tax haven interest and offers an arguably greater accurate degree of an economy's fitness and wealth.

The Top 10 Richest Countries in the World (through GNI per Capita, Atlas Method, present day US$ - World Bank)

  1. Liechtenstein - $116,440

  2. Switzerland - $84,310

  3. Norway - $78,180

  4. Luxembourg - $73,500

  5. United States - $64,530

  6. Ireland - $64,150

  7. Denmark - $63,070

  8. Iceland - $62,420

  9. Qatar - $56,210

  10. Singapore - $54,920

It's crucial to be aware that GNI does now no longer absolutely clear out all worldwide monetary interactions. It simply allows to right-size the income. For example, even though their numerical values have changed, exquisite tax avoidance locations Ireland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland are all nevertheless in the top 10. What's greater, if the listing above had been improved to consist of territories in addition to international locations, numerous of the British Overseas Territories might rank extraordinarily high, with Bermuda ($117,740), Isle of Man ($83,160), the Cayman Islands ($68,200), and the Channel Islands ($66,220) all rating in the top 10. All 4 are famous tax havens with tiny populations, so the tax advantage of even only a few multi-billion-greenback monetary maneuvers can notably raise per-capita GNI.

That said, in all of those international locations' defense, being a tax haven is glaringly most effective one out of an almost limitless variety of viable assets of countrywide earnings. For example, maximum of the British Overseas Territories also are world-well-known excursion locations with a big tourism sector. Note additionally that the absence of Monaco in this listing isn't always an illustration that it's a tax haven. rather, GNI facts for Monaco is unavailable.

What is the richest country on every continent?

As illuminating and arguably inspiring as it's miles to peruse the listing of richest international locations withinside the world, it is also profitable to study the facts whilst damaged down through continent. For example, a listing of the very richest international locations on each of the six inhabited continents (through GDP in line with capita, as above) might seem like this:

Richest European Countries 2021:

  1. Luxembourg ($118,001),

  2. Ireland ($102,390),

  3. Switzerland ($93,520)

Richest Asian Countries 2021:

  1. Singapore ($97,057),

  2. Qatar ($61,790),

  3. Israel ($49,840)

Richest Countries in North America 2021

  1. United States of America ($63,416)

  2. Canada ($52,790)

  3. Puerto Rico ($34,140)

Richest Country in Australia/Oceania 2021:

  1. Australia ($62,620)

  2. New Zealand ($48,350)

  3. Palau ($11,840)

Richest Countries in South America 2021:

  1. Uruguay ($16,970)

  2. Chile ($16,800)

  3. Argentina ($9,930)

  1. Seychelles ($13,140)

  2. Mauritius ($8,680)

  3. Equatorial Guinea ($8,630)

Profiles of Prosperity: Five of the Richest Countries in the World (Four of which rank some of the top tax haven international locations in the world).


The European Country of Luxembourg has been categorized and described because as the wealthiest country in the world. These findings are primarily based totally on the gross domestic product per capita values of the international locations. The GDP per capita is calculated through dividing the country's overall GDP through the populace, with the end result being the GDP per capita in a country.

Looking at Luxembourg in particular, the GDP per capita reached a chart-topping $131,300 US$ in the October 2021 report.


The GDP in line with capita of Ireland is $102,390 US$ in October 2021.


Switzerland is but any other of the top 5 wealthiest international locations primarily based totally on its GDP per capita, which sat at a totally exquisite $93,520 in October 2021.


With an October 2021 GDP in line with capita of $82,240 US$.

Considering the lengths at which many big U.S. groups go to disguise their very own income in remote places tax havens, it is clear to see that America is itself taken into consideration a tax haven through many monetary watchdog groups. However, many countrywide and state-stage policies allow worldwide customers to transport their cash via U.S.-primarily based accounts with minimum taxes.

Here are the 10 richest countries in the world:

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

  1. United States - $18.62 Tn

  2. China - $11.22 Tn

  3. Japan - $4.94 Tn

  4. Germany - $3.48 Tn

  5. United Kingdom - $2.65 Tn

  6. France - $2.47 Tn

  7. India - $2.26 Tn

  8. Italy - $1.86 Tn

  9. Brazil - $1.80 Tn

  10. Canada - $1.53 Tn


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