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Who is an Entertainment Speaker

Updated: Oct 9

Entertainment Speech

Of all the types of speeches we come in contact with during our lives, the bulk of them will probably fall into the category of entertainment. If you spend just one evening watching a major awards show (e.g., the Grammys, the Tonys, the Oscars), you’ll see dozens of acceptance speeches. While some of these acceptance speeches are good and others may be terrible, they all belong in the category of speaking to entertain.

This is an individual who gives entertaining speeches. An entertaining speech is one that holds the attention of an audience and amuses them while messages are being passed to them. This type of speech is usually given on special occasions such as when accepting an award at an event, wedding ceremonies, business conferences, and so many others.

Behaviors required to give a good entertaining speech include preparation, adapting to the occasion and the audience, and to use the time given effectively.

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