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YouTube Adds More Types Of Content For Monetization

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YouTube can serve ads for multiple types of content, increasing the monetization opportunities for content creators. Creators can now monetize content that was previously unsuitable for advertisers.

This is possible thanks to adjustments in accordance with YouTube's guidelines for ad-friendly videos, which are now less restrictive. Learn more about this important update to the YouTube Affiliate Program.

Changes to the Eligible Content Policy for YouTube Advertisers

YouTube now allows you to fully monetize more types of content instead of partially earning from it. Creators who are part of the YouTube Affiliate Program can instantly see if a video is eligible for full or partial monetization by viewing the colored icons in YouTube Studio.

- Green icon: Video is eligible for full income.

- Yellow icon: Your video has few or no ads.

- Red icon: The video cannot make money.

- Gray icon: Monetization was manually deactivated by the creator.

YouTube met with advertisers to argue the need for some policy updates. This means that users now have more options to fully monetize their content, while previously some of that content received a yellow icon.

Areas of content that go beyond the area of ​​the yellow symbol and have been moved into the area of ​​the green symbol. The changes apply to the following types of content:

Educational content

YouTube intends to increase the monetization of educational, documentary, or informational content that may include violent law enforcement interactions, recreational drugs, or drug-related content, or controversial events.

Controversial Topics

YouTube increases your earning potential on controversial topics where the content is not radical and provides an objective discussion of controversial topics.

Adult Humor

YouTube expands the ability to monetize adult topics presented in the context of humor. Similar to adult dating jokes.


YouTube now allows you to fully monetize content that uses moderate profanity within the first 30 seconds of a video.

These changes have been in effect since April 2021.


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