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3 New WhatsApp Features That Android and iOS Users Will Love

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In 2020, WhatsApp was the most downloaded social media app in Nigeria. This shows that it is a widely used app in the country.

From supporting multiple devices to calls you can join, WhatsApp has introduced many new features to its app.

Android and iOS users can take advantage of these new features.

The Messenger WhatsApp application recently released many new features and updates for its Android and iOS applications. The company announced that you can join the call and will see you again. There are many things to discover in the new WhatsApp application. This is a hint. Three new features in WhatsApp for iOS and Android that you should use now.

1. View once

After Snapchat, social media platforms introduced a feature that allows recipients to view photos and videos once before they disappear. WhatsApp is the latest application that is used to implement the "view once" function. With this feature, they will be deleted immediately after opening and viewing. According to the company, this feature is useful for sending temporary information such as passwords.

2. Join a call

WhatsApp introduced this feature in July, allowing users to make voice or video calls after publishing. Like other services such as Google Meet and Zoom, people who miss the start of a group video call can join at any time during the call. Before you can activate this feature, you must hang up and start the call again when you want someone to enter.

3. Android to iOS and vice versa

There are several users who want to switch the platform from Android to iOS and vice versa, but they are unable to do so due to fear of losing all WhatsApp data. Now the situation is changing. So far, it is not possible to transfer chat history from one system to another. However, you can now use the Smart Switch function to back up your chat history and files and transfer them to your new phone.

All of these are now available in the stable WhatsApp application for Android and iOS. Other new features include archived chat updates and cross-device support for WhatsApp Web. Do try out these features.

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