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Can a Love-Hate Relationship Work

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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A love-hate relationship can be exciting and passionate but it can also be stressful and painful. If for one moment you think that you are so much in love with your partner then on the very next moment you are filled with rage and anger towards your partner, then you are in a love-hate relationship. Sometimes things could get much worse than what you expected with your partner, and this could be the heartbreaking point in your relationship.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the author and nothing more.

What is a love-hate relationship?

Arguments and ego clash are common in all relationships and these disagreements lead to a better understanding of each other for both parties. You can say a love-hate relationship is the one in which interpersonal conflict is consistent with mixed emotions or feelings of love and hate toward your partner.

A love-hate relationship is filled with more conflicts and frustration than happiness and love. Sometimes you want to break up with the partner, and sometimes you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Somethings that can lead to a love-hate relationship

Big egos

Big egos can destroy a happy relationship when both parties always want things done their way.

No emotional connection

When you want to see the perfection in everything and don’t want to accept the flaws, then you might find yourself lacking in all the emotional connections with your partner. A beautiful relation cannot be accomplished without accepting the good as well as bad traits of your soul mate.

You don’t support each other

It is the main point in a relationship to support each other from every aspect; having someone in life with unconditional support is a great blessing from God. Lacking the support factor in a relationship indicates love-hate relation.

You seek relationship advice from others

When you converse less with each other and always try to seek relationship advice from your friends or family members, then it means you have a love-hate relationship.

You don’t have a clue about your relationship status

When you see different couples near you to be in so much love, care, and affection but you don’t have a damn idea where your relationship is proceeding and struggling to find the future of your relationship then you might in rollers coaster ride of love-hate connection.

Continuous conflicts and frustration

It is normal to argue with your partner, but when you are in a continuous phase of breaking up and making up again and again, then it could be a problem.

Can you hate the one you love?

Consistency means you always perform similarly despite how hard or challenging the situation you are facing. Healthy relation is based on a mature and consistent behavior. When you continuously think whether your partner is right for you or not or you are always in search of a better person than your current partner, you lose your consistency and stability. People change with time, and sometimes love in a relationship can fade or turn to hate.

The change of focus and feelings for your partner can have many reasons which are as follows:

· You might have found someone more attractive.

· You might have found someone more financially stable.

· You don’t have an emotional attachment to your partner anymore.

· You are not comfortable in sharing your secrets anymore.

This sudden diversion can be heart-wrenching for anyone who used to be in so much love and now facing abandonment from their partners. But it happens, people change, and life moves on.

How to fix a love-hate relationship

A breakup can leave drastic side effects on your personality; the main one is mental depression and hopelessness. So there must always be an option to get back to the point where you both started your love journey and to get things healthy again we are suggesting some of the tips fix love-hate relation.

Get yourself emotionally stable

Emotional stability should be your topmost priority; before you set yourself to fight for your relation, you must be stable mentally. A depressed person cannot even fight for his rights then how can he manage to save the relationship.

Get counseling:

Sometimes you are stuck at that point in your relationship where you find yourself completely helpless and in demise. At this point, you should never hesitate to seek professional help or counseling to get things back to their usual points.

Tell your partner of all your insecurities

Excellent communication can be the key to save a relationship that is at the brink of breakup. Tell her/him about the insecurities and complains to clear your mind from negative thoughts.


Love-hate relationships if not fixed can have deeply negative impacts on a person’s mental health and all-round well being. The decision to end the relationship or stay and fix it depends on the individual. You got two choices, fix it soon or walk out before it’s too late.

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