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Microsoft Attempts Push For Edge Browser in Windows 10 Yet Again

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Some Windows 10 users are being subjected to one more of Microsoft’s tries to market Edge, with the newest piece of ‘encouragement’ to use the revamped browser being delivered via the taskbar.

In what's apparently restricted testing being delivered to only some people at the moment, a little pop-up panel is showing from the taskbar, which highlights that you simply will pin the sites (and internet apps) you most typically use to the taskbar (with them using Edge as the default browser in Edge, naturally).

“Go straight to prime sites”, the pop-up reads, adding that you simply will “pin your favorite sites to quickly open tabs directly from the taskbar.”

Windows Latest noticed this development and observes that users who are on the Windows 10 october 2020 Update (the latest version) are receiving this – or a minimum of some are – which it doesn’t matter what you have got set as your default browser (even Microsoft Edge users, and so those already creating use of stapled sites, can still see this message, rather mystifyingly within the latter case).

Exploring Wizard

If you click on “Try it” within the pop-up, Windows 10 can stir up the questionable Edge taskbar pinning wizard, that takes you thru the method of pinning internet sites or web apps (PWAs) to the taskbar, giving some common suggestions of what you may pin (like Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, and, er, Microsoft News).

It’s hardly adequate of a ‘wizard’, then, however it will highlight a capability that some users might not remember of. Equally, though, it’s another intrusive prompt from the system which will doubtless rub several different users up the incorrect way.

Furthermore, as Windows Latest points out, at the top of the wizard, you're urged to undertake Microsoft’s ‘recommended browser settings’, and if you are doing so, that entails change the default browser to Edge (with Bing).

So, that’s one more plan to get users jump ship to Edge, after all – one amongst several in recent history.

As ever, Microsoft really has to take care around stepping over the boundary once it involves overdoing its promotional activity (something the firm has undoubtedly been guilty of within the past with Windows 10). The new Chromium-based Edge is really shaping ahead with its market share nicely anyway, that the danger is that annoying individuals with several pop-ups over the months may actually deviate from that forward progression.

If you want to learn more about using Windows 10, click here.



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