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The Best Web Browsers by Market Share

Updated: May 9, 2021

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You can download and use any web browser you pick, however, which is ideal? What's more, which is the most secure and generally offers more privacy?

To assist you with choosing the best web browsers, I had to carry out some research on the best browsers out there for an incredible online encounter.

Speed and security are two of the greatest contemplations when you're searching for the best internet browser. Some require a greater amount of your system resources, while others are generally lightweight. Some less known browsers offer full set-ups that are secured in order to ensure your online personality and safeguard against malware, while others permit cookies and promotions to run unchecked.

According to StatCounter the best browsers by market share in the world for March 2021 is as shown below:

browser market share worldwide March 2021

Let's take a more detailed look at the best web browser by market share.

1. Google Chrome - the best web browser

Google Chrome

Chrome is the best — and in light of current circumstances. With a hearty list of capabilities, full Google Account mix, a flourishing expansion biological system (accessible through the Chrome Web Store), and a solid set-up of portable applications, it's not difficult to perceive any reason why Chrome is the most known internet browser.

Chrome brags some of the best mobile integration accessible. Served up on each significant platform, keeping information in sync is simple, making browsing between different gadgets a breeze. Sign in to your Google account on one gadget, and all Chrome bookmarks, saved information, and inclinations come directly along. Indeed, even active extensions stay in a sync across different gadgets.

Google adjusted and streamlined the UI, dumping every one of the past more honed edges and unforgiving plots for a gentler and more appealing style. Tabs are simpler to recognize on account of more noticeable favicons, making them ideal for any individual who normally keeps various tabs open.

Chrome's password manager likewise now consequently produces and suggests solid passwords when a client gets another account on a webpage. The search bar, or Omnibox, gives "rich outcomes" included helpful answers. Top picks are more open also, and they're sensible on the New Tab page.

Other later updates incorporate a Dark Mode for Windows and macOS, better New Tab customization, tab drift cards, and an in-browser notice if your password was found in a breach of data. There's likewise the capacity to silence notices so sites don't barrage you with solicitations to empower in-browser notices.

What's the main concern? The Google Chrome program is free, quick, light, and surprisingly a preferred version. With a flourishing extensive system, it's as completely highlighted or as pared-down as you need it to be. Everything is where it should be, protection and security controls are in plain English, and the program simply moves.

It's a splendid program with a wonderful library of additional features, cross-stage uphold and adjust, fantastic autofill highlights, and some incredible tools for web designers. It can caution you if your email's been undermined, it has secure DNS queries for viable suppliers (Google's own Public DNS is one of them) and it denies access for a bunch of perilous blended substance-like contents and pictures on any secure connections. It additionally enables the WebXR API for AR and VR.

In case you don't know which browser to utilize, download the Chrome browser immediately.

2. Microsoft Edge - the fastest web browser

Microsoft Edge

More established browser users will recall Microsoft as the antagonists of the Browser Wars that at last prompted the ascent of Firefox and Chrome. However, Microsoft is on the upside now and its Edge program has been remade with Chromium at its heart. It's Windows' default browser and there are additional forms for iOS, Android and Mac.

The new Chromium-fueled form is significantly quicker than its archetype and incorporates some helpful highlights including Read Aloud, the capacity to give media such a role as inline recordings to Chromecast gadgets, an Opera-style start page, and a decent choice of additional items like secret key administrators, promotion blockers, etc. You can likewise download pages as applications which at that point run as independent applications without dispatching the entire program. That is helpful for any semblance of Google Docs or Twitter.

There are bunches of customization alternatives and we especially preferred the Privacy and Services page, which makes conceivably befuddling settings precious stone understood, and the Site Permissions page. That gives you fine-grained power over what explicit locales can do, including everything from pop-ups and promotion impeding to MIDI gadget access and media autoplay.

Edge appears as Chrome and works like Chrome, though it's observably quicker.

3. Safari - the best browser on Apple devices


Safari is a graphical internet browser created by Apple, in view of the WebKit motor. First delivered on the desktop in 2003 with Mac OS X Panther, a versatile rendition has been packaged with iOS gadgets since the iPhone's presentation in 2007. Safari is the default browser on Apple gadgets. A Windows adaptation was accessible from 2007 to 2012.

In June 2020 it was reported that macOS Big Sur will incorporate Safari 14. Safari 14 presents new protection highlights, including Privacy Report, which shows hindered substance and security data on pages.

Clients will likewise get a month-to-month report on content that Safari has hindered. Expansions can likewise be empowered or impaired on a site-by-site premise. Safari 14 presented support for the WebExtension API utilized in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera, making it simpler for engineers to port their expansions from those internet browsers to Safari.

Backing for Adobe Flash Player will likewise be dropped from Safari, 3 months ahead of the end of its cycle. An inherent interpretation administration permits deciphering a page in another dialect. Safari 14 was delivered as an independent update to macOS Catalina and Mojave clients on September 16, 2020.

Safari 14 adds Ecosia as an internet browser for support.

4. Mozilla Firefox - the best browser for privacy protection

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox browser takes genuine steps to make its browser a really present-day approach to surf from one site to another, because of endeavors like its upgrade to Firefox Quantum, its computer-generated experience-based optional Firefox Reality, and no password required for browsing.

It wasn't too long ago, sometime in the past that Mozilla modified the browser's interface, offering a cleaner, more present-day take on what an internet browser ought to be. The progressions weren't simply shallow, be that as it may. There's some great designing going on in the background.

For example, Firefox Quantum is intended to use multicore processors in manners that its rivals simply aren't doing. It won't have an enormous effect on your everyday browsing, except Mozilla trusts this plan will give Firefox Quantum an edge pushing ahead. By designing for the future now, Firefox Quantum is in a superior situation to exploit speedier and faster processors as they arise.

Later updates incorporate better security insurances with no tracker support, improved password synchronizing across gadgets, better intelligibility, coordinated break alarms, and a Protections Dashboard that gives a synopsis of how Firefox ensures your protection in the background. WebRender improves the execution of graphics on Windows PCs with Intel and AMD CPUs.

5. Opera - great for collecting content

Opera browser

Opera is one more Chromium-based browser, so execution is quick and you can utilize additional items from the Chrome library. It additionally makes them interesting thoughts of its own like Flow, which is intended for individuals who frequently spot things they need to return to later: in case you're continually messaging or informing intriguing connects to yourself, Flow empowers you to do that all the more carefully by making it simple to share content from Opera on your telephone to Opera on your PC.

There's additionally Personal News, which is suggestive of the Feedly RSS peruser, Apple News, or the Flipboard tablet application: it empowers you to add your favored news sources to make a customized online paper.

Opera is loaded with valuable highlights, yet one of our #1 ones is not, at this point in the work area program: Opera Turbo, which packs web information, for example, pictures so things load quicker on poor internet connections, is presently just accessible for mobile browsers. You do get a helpful battery-saving mode, notwithstanding, so when your downloads are delayed at any rate you don't have to stress over your PC battery draining out.


Using the best web browsers can definitely improve your browsing experience and also keep your privacy if that is key to you. You can try out any of the web browsers discussed above for different tasks that you want to carry out.

Are there any web browsers, I left out, kindly mention them in the comment section.

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That's all folks.

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