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Top Social Media Trends For 2022

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Top Social Media Trends For 2022
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Consumers continue to rule

.Forget following your CEO, consumers are now responsible for your brand. We've been deep in the

consumer era for some time, but the pandemic has accelerated their adoption, putting them in firm charge of

2022 and beyond.

Consumers want more personalized content. They want quick service. They want better experiences. And they want it now.

For your brand to survive, you must listen to and respond to their demands.

HubSpot and Talkwalker compiled a ​list of the top trends for the year ahead. Including:

​• Valuable information on why these trends matter.

​• Inspirational campaigns from brands that are already engaging with trends.

​• Insights you can use today to achieve better results in the years to come

Top Social Media Trends

1. TikTok will takeover

If there's one trend that's virtually secured as we tend to move into 2022, it’s the continuing domination of TikTok. The short term video platform has broken transfer records, quickly

turning into the go-to app for connecting with current and future customers. steam-powered by an extremely customized content recommendation system, TikTok will facilitate brands to gain exposure to and connect with a qualified, engaged audience. because the app

appearance to introduce an e-commerce side and substantiation model, brands that need to attach with consumers have to be compelled to be TikTok savvy.

Social Media Trend Analysis

TikTok awareness has grownup greatly since its inception. Conversations grew steady till the end of 2019, and also the app then spiked in popularity as folks spent more time indoors

throughout the pandemic. A 61% increase in mentions year over year during the first half of 2021, converted into new users, making it the first non-Facebook app to achieve three billion worldwide downloads.

2. Social Ads will develop


As Google works to end cookie trailing by 2023, the long run of social advertising remains to be defined. For brands, this suggests learning to balance the requirement for customized services and also the need for consent and compliance. whereas the “cookieless future” looks bright for advertisers, sensible publishers, and consumers, those that are profiting off of privacy-invasive knowledge assortment from users can have to be compelled to rethink their strategy.

Social Media Trend Analysis

Advertising has come back a protracted way, and with social media, brands are ready to reach larger audiences than before, increasing whole awareness associate degree engagement. This past year, social platforms became a large quality for advertisers to succeed in customers in an exceedingly a lot of personal and direct way. The internet’s ability to gather billions of knowledge points on users is an absolute gold mine for brands. Advertisers have accomplished the importance of social ads and however crucial they'll be moving forward.

3. The customer journey will be made simpler with Social Selling


whereas social commerce was previously centered on ads or promotions, platforms are starting to offer new and innovative mercantilism solutions that specialize in creating

the journey easier for buyers. For example, Instagram introduced new looking options which permit social media users to buy things while not ever going the app. going in 2022, brands ought to measure the getting ways they provide and contemplate taking advantage of social selling opportunities through Instagram posts, Reels, Stories, and more.

Social Media Trend Analysis

As social media platforms are setting out to offer e-commerce merchants new looking features, channels similar to Instagram became substitutable with social media influencers. These influencers endorse brands through strategic partnerships, promoting their

product and services to their large, loyal follower bases. This influencer promoting push marks a giant chance for brands to align their products and services with relevant

influencers to satisfy new audiences in an exceedingly place wherever they're already paid most of their day. If you’re not already considering this strategy, now could be the time: 69%

of marketers commit to paying more cash on Instagram influencers than the other market this year.

4. Customer needs will shape post-pandemic content


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers have had to adapt to the content trends that followed, difficult the present rules of client relationships associated with the whole building. Social media was already an integral part of our lives, the pandemic drastically inflated usage everywhere in the world. There are over a billion lot of folks victimization social media worldwide than at a similar time last year, indicating a virtually 14% year-over-year increase.

So as to stay visible to their potential customers, brands should communicate in native and careful terms, targeting specific audiences that supported what's most relevant to them. This would possibly mean making specific content for a generation, location, gender, or hobby. currently that corporations have their own personal data, users expect them to supply tailored experiences across the complete client journey.

Trend Analysis

Although text conversations have the best quantity of results, engagement per mention tells a special story. Text results receive 0.91 engagements per mention whereas pictures receive 2.85 and video results receive 1.5. Media consumption trends are accelerated by the

lockdown. With shoppers stuck at home, they’ve turned on-line for information, entertainment, and connection. This has driven dealings in content creation, to fill the

growing demand. shoppers wish stories formed for them, not solely containing the data they want, but additionally, in an exceeding style, they require to consume. This semiconductor diode to a specific increase in live audio and video - a format that was already loved, but currently with additional interaction and engagement. Brands can get to expand their content methods in 2022 and beyond, each characteristic the content, and elegance

of content, their shoppers need.

How consumers are driving this social media trend

Content demands custom-made as individuals’ lives changed. The shift from performing from the workplace to working from home meant people wished additional personalized experiences formed around their lives. As that state of affairs flips again, expect

demands to expand again. the standard 5-day office week isn't any longer guaranteed,

therefore brands can get to provide a broader catalog of experiences to satisfy a broader

variety of lifestyles. to stay ahead, made brands will have had to stay their ears hospitable absolutely perceive their customers.

5. Omnichannel engagement will change the way consumers engage

Trend Analysis

There are over eight million results of information in on-line conversations since the start of 2021. information continues to have an effect on our regular conversations, despite the industry. The visual below plots mentions of misinformation aboard numerous

industries over time. Media (dark blue) continues to grow during this respect, as each ancient media and social media are the channels through that misinformation spreads, and conjointly those that have got to challenge it directly.


64.5% of web users receive breaking news from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, associated Instagram rather than ancient media. With this rise in information comes the chance to expand audiences, and grow your shopper connections, by providing the knowledge customers want. However there’s conjointly an accrued risk of false news and

dishonorable content - if you aren’t telling the correct story, consumers can notice it elsewhere, with content that's presumably damaging to your business. For brands to

sustain or keep afloat for the following year, it’s imperative to exploit each advantage. this suggests obtaining your hands-on consumer insights.

How consumers are driving this social media trend

While bots are occasionally used to carry on fake news, internet users typically play an enormous role in the spread of false information online. A recent study discovered that lack of attention was the driving factor behind 51% of misinformation sharing on social media. With this in mind, brands ought to keep close tabs on what their audience is reading and believing and plan to share factual information that builds consumer trust.

6. Metaverses will be the next consumer connection


The metaverse: a union of the physical world, the augmented, and also the virtual. an unknown word a number of years ago, the metaverse is gaining momentum -- and fast. This

catch-all term combines subsets of technology, merging them into one entity. Brands were already slowly moving towards virtual reality when COVID-19 hit, leading to an

acute want for online socializing and interaction. led by the gaming industry, access to digital reality has greatly spiked because of its ability to connect folks in our

new reality of limited in-person interactions.

Whether you’re invested in virtual dressing rooms, digital meet-ups, or ARdriven filters and features across social media channels, it’s become progressively clear that VR and the metaverse are here to stay. The widespread convenience of technology and social media provides AR games a robust incentive to make and maintain a digital area or metaverse of their own. Competitive brands can then insert themselves into these virtual realities.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed in July last year that Facebook would attempt to make a maximalist, interconnected set of experiences straight out of sci-fi — a world called the metaverse. whether it’s Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, or metaverses that are yet to be created, the key to staying relevant is consumer intelligence. Across industries and markets, advertisers have completed the distinctive potential of the metaverse and what VR can offer. If applied correctly, firms can connect with their audience on an excellent deeper level. In 2022, we'll see an exaggerated interest and value in brands investing in the phygital area - a term already mentioned 62.5k times in the last year.

Social Media Trend Analysis

More and more often, individuals within the gaming business crave more and more immersive experiences. that explains why virtual words, like those from Fortnite or Animal

Crossing has performed very well. The four main games nowadays that provide a virtual experience have concentrated a sturdy on-line presence as seen once conversations are


Like several of the trends that we are going to see driving 2022, the inclusion of virtual reality is being spearheaded by the younger generations. This rising trend is proof that offline and on-line experiences are slowly merging, making even more opportunities for brands. plenty

of the brands' Gen Z players are invested in function as social areas furthermore as gaming communities. These environments provide creativity, collaboration, and competition, which is keeping it at the forefront of the digital age.

How consumers are driving this social media trend

Virtual reality may be a trend that {may} still be driven by consumers. Some are making supernatural islands with their own rules, others try on garments while not coming into a store, and a few are profiting from an additional personalized digital client service. the items consumers need and want will be varied and generally entirely different.

The superb chance that lies in virtual reality and AR features is that it reduces the potential problems and barriers brands may have once trying to get to a customer. This is a

immense asset to the retail industry, as shown once the iconic Brazilian flip flop brand Havaianas collaborated with the online battle royale game Fortnite featuring both physical footwear and digital in-game content. With VR, consumers will see products at their real size without leaving their homes.

These keywords involving Roblox Gucci Garden establish the main 2-word phrases

mentioned around the event. Jun 2021-Jul 2021, Talkwalker client Intelligence Acceleration Platform. It’s no secret that we are conjointly spending more time online. However, irrespective of what proportion technology progresses, humans will forever be social

animals, and we navigate life aligning ourselves around actions and relationships. The metaverse may be an answer for how folks will interact in the future, and brands that are properly equipped to perceive consumer insights will succeed in this new reality.

Summary On Top Social Media Trends For 2022

It is quite obvious that going forward consumers' power will keep increasing and brands that want to succeed will have no choice but to align with this trend. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it will be beneficial to you if you implement the above social media trends in your strategy.

That's all folks.

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Give Tik Tok a try, you may like it.

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