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Augmented and Virtual Reality: The future of Connecting the World

What becomes doable once technology fades into the background? we have a tendency to get to measure eyes up. we have a tendency to get to defy distance on a daily basis. we have a tendency to get to be more present with those close to us—even if they’re oceans away. augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are poised to deliver these sorcerous potentialities and take relationships to new heights.

This is a report from the Facebook research team on Augmented and Virtual reality and how it will help in connecting the world.

What is AR / VR?


info is overlaid on high of the physical world, typically via a smartphone or pill (at this time).

augmented reality


a totally immersive experience due to a headset that surrounds your senses within a virtual universe.

virtual reality goggle

We all know our success depends on being ready for it. a number of us are even addicted to it. Nonetheless, we additionally know the future doesn’t just happen. In fact, it's designed—by folks. It’s built by people with vision, daring, and determination. At Facebook IQ,

collaboration and consulting with colleagues, partners, and visionaries who are actually

building the future—the folks inventing new technologies and revolutionizing however we all connect is ongoing.

And once they fuse it all at once and apply their distinctive understanding of what drives over three billion people and scores of businesses, then the unstable shifts of the future

begin to become a lot clearer.

In the future, it’ll be AR and VR that bring us closer, however not in the way you expect. Friends will feel right next to each different, deeply connected even once oceans apart.

The devices that connect us are going to be less distracting and additional intuitive.

Global interest rate in AR/VR
image credit: Facebook

As our technical school melts away, therefore will the area between us. Presence is crucial not solely to our physical and mental well-being, however to our hectic existence. And if

anything, the world pandemic has educated us how deeply important it's to us all.

Once our ability to be physically present with each other was suddenly restricted by events

outside our control, several folks struggled with the challenges of not having the ability to engage with friends, favorite ones, coworkers, and excellent strangers within the ways that we are used to.

Technology has been an implausibly powerful tool for providing a way of presence in those moments when it's been additionally scarce than ever. Technologies such as mobile phones, video calls, and social media have connected us over distances near and far and enabled us to foster and grow relationships, at the same time as our physical presence hasn’t been possible.

Has this, in turn, accelerated our openness to new ways of feeling present? And might the future allow us to be really present whenever we want?

Whereas the space race was virtually won during a vacuum, it definitely didn’t evolve

in one. Major shifts in however we as humans have interaction with the globe around us don’t generally happen overnight, and that they even more seldom happen for only one reason. Therefore the signals are there, inform us of the chance that we are standing on the

cusp of AR and VR as the next computing platform.

Signals shift towards AR/VR
image credit: Facebook

As we enter the era of AR and VR, the opportunities to foster even additional purposeful

connections across distances and cultures can be larger than ever before. The promise of AR and VR is that the promise of breaking barriers and bridging the gap between the physical

and digital worlds. And as the technology itself bit by bit fades into the background, turning into an intrinsic, intuitive part of our lives.

The real magic is what's going to happen in the space between us. we have a tendency to see a future within which ar and VR are going to be able to enhance everything from however we promote causes and pursue passions, to how we increase equitable

access to tools and move with brands.

How Will AR/VR Connect The World in The Future

Igniting Empathy

At a time when society will feel divisive, VR can facilitate us to observe sympathy and mirror it on the globe around us.

What's New

VR brings stories to the lives of folks who don’t invariably have a voice of their own. comes like we have a tendency to live here permits us to experience their reality—letting us get into their shoes and sanctioning us to acquire a deeper understanding of the problems that have an effect on their lives.

Traveling while Black may be a cinematic VR experience that immerses the viewer within the long history of restriction of movement for Black Americans and therefore the creation

of safe spaces, transfer larger understanding to problems with equity and general racism.

What's Next

With the assistance of VR and flotation tanks, folks are going to be able to experience the sensation of zero gravity whereas enclosed by views of the earth from above, simulating

what astronauts call the “overview effect”—an immense sense of understanding the frailty

of earth and humanity once seeing the world from space.

Following Passion

The items we would like to do however are prevented from doing by distance, access, time or cash will become accessible, reasonable, and available to us through AR and VR.

What's New

As fitness moves to VR, the athletic facility goes to you rather than the different methods around. Immersive experiences like Supernatural give access to high-quality

exercise from anywhere. Within the world of travel, AR helps transfer historical landmarks to

life and might tell stories of days long gone in exciting ways.

Due to AR, museum objects and antiquities aren't any longer inaccessible because of a price tag worth or velvet rope. Currently, you'll be able to rise, shut and personally, shift

your perspective and—thanks to the ability of social—share the experience along with your community.

What's Next

Once AR and VR take subsequent steps, we have a tendency to maybe go from observant

greatness to collaborating in it. Imagine having the ability to perform at the side of the London symphony and experience being in the middle of the Royal Prince Albert Hall or having a private coaching session with the most important football game stars within the

world, right from the living room.

Redefining Productivity

As AR and VR impact everything from school rooms to operational rooms, the globe will become not solely additional efficient, however more equal. Through ar and VR, we will

free ourselves from property distance or socioeconomic circumstances dictate who has access to the care, services, occupation, or education they need.

What's New

Within the medical field, AR and VR can facilitate forestalling complications and save lives by enabling doctors to apply procedures before going into the operating room. Around the globe, VR is giving new access to quality education to students in remote regions and with monetary barriers.

For time unit departments, AR and VR will immensely cut back however long it takes to onboard new employees. Within the case of Walmart, the employment of immersive VR learning has helped cut coaching time by 96%.

What's Next

AR and VR couldn't solely equalize access to first education across the world however

additionally, revolutionize how we have a tendency to learn. Imagine future students being

able to physically expertise life in London in 1943, Tenochtitlan in 1519 or Hangzhou in 1127, and how that may permit them to not solely absorb information, however, perceive the course of human history.

Inspiring Confidence

AR and VR aren't simply challenging the concept of the funnel, they're collapsing it. folks are having immersive whole experiences, like try-on product digitally and creating transactions at a similar time. AR and VR are revealing new methods to client engagement, transparency, brand loyalty, and conversion.

What's New

AR solutions are already bridging the gap between online and offline searching by permitting customers to try, explore, and digitally overlay products into real environments.

With VR, brands can flip their vision into immersive, emotional experiences and

tell stories in new ways.

Even once customers and brands are separated, AR offers artistic methods to visualizing scents and flavors. VR in-store looking experiences are permitting customers to visualize their purchases in their meant environment, which might facilitate increased average

sales whereas at a similar time decreasing come back volumes.

Due to AR, folks can “try before you buy” even when it comes to the art of selecting a tattoo.


AR and VR may revolutionize however folks have interaction with brands—and how brands engage with people. Imagine having the ability to meet one-on-one with illustrious consumer goods designers, seeing how lipstick bonds to lips by turning into a part of

the chemical makeup of the merchandise or having a home reimagined by

an excellent artistic director.

Final Thoughts

Not Everything can Work, However the Things that Do will Change the World.

More will sprout from ingenious small, freelance businesses domestically and regionally.

Some are going to be born out of specific industrial desires and opportunities,

whereas others will be spawned from innovation and creativeness in

entertainment, art, and advertising.

What this all boils right down to is that nobody business or brand will be able to build the future alone. It'll take partnership, collaboration, and exchange of ideas across verticals

and borders, ideals, and ideologies.

A lot of the technology we’ve mentioned doesn’t exist nonetheless. Even so, there are some ways brands are already exploring a way to produce worth for themselves and their

customers. By grip rising technologies, these businesses are setting themselves up to greet

the future on their own terms.


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