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21 Social Media Tools For An Effective Marketing Execution

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Social Media Tools

Globally, there are over 3.6 billion social media users, and it is a known fact that social media marketing cannot be ignored.

Sharp-witted marketers are aware that social media is an integral part of every marketing campaign. Every social media platform is an opportunity for businesses to engage with their target audience.

Everyone in marketing knows that strategizing and managing social networks can be difficult without using the right social media management tools.

Fact Check:

- 60 percent of company mentions on Twitter occur when you out of the office.

- 64 percent of consumers expect real-time responses from brands they mention on social media.

- 40 percent of users expect an hour response from brands after reaching out, and 79

percent expect a response within 24 hours.

- Product research is done with social media by 54 percent of users.

Troubling Questions

How can you keep up with your Instagram account when you haven’t even checked Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok yet? How are you going to utilize other new social media platforms springing up?

How do you know which ones to use for your brand and which to skip?

Stop worrying, and relax.

Social media tools can help with reducing the stress of managing social media accounts, here are some benefits of using them:

Save your time by automatically posting, social listening, and hashtag research for you.

Save you money by enabling you to allocate resources to other tasks.

Maybe even save your brand’s reputation by catching a negative post in time for you to run interference and resolve the issue quickly.

Let's dive into the tools that can aid you with your social media marketing strategy

According to Statista, users post 347,222 stories to Instagram, and 157,000 share messages on Facebook every minute. It can be overwhelming to find value-added content in all that noise.

According to Venngage, forty-nine percentage of surveyed entrepreneurs rated visual content material as very important, however, forty-three percentage stated generating it constantly became their largest challenge.

Social media has turned out to be undeniably visual, and having a presence on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and different visual structures is paramount.

It’s not possible to oversee your brand’s social media accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But the arena of social media doesn’t flip off at five p.m.

Social media tools for tracking and scheduling can help. They can save you hours each week via way of means of combining your brand activity from various social media platforms into one dashboard.

An excellent way to locate the best social network for your commercial enterprise is with the aid of using monitoring of your social media advertising efforts.

The proper information allows you to calculate ROI out of your social media advertising campaigns. It’ll assist you locate your top-performing content so that you can tweak your marketing campaign and optimize your marketing efforts.

Let’s look at content curation social media tools that help filter meaningful content so you can find images, posts, and conversations that will resonate with your audience.

1. Tagboard

This is a great social media tool for monitoring and searching for relevant hashtags and tracking brand mentions.

To begin your search, plug withinside the keyword, and the device offers content material from numerous platforms.

Find applicable hashtags with social media device TagBoard.

You can without delay reply to those mentions, proper from the screenshot page.

Analyze hashtags with social media device TagBoard.

Tagboard is specially beneficial to tune conversations and engagement in the course of meetings and stay events.

2. Nuzzel

This tool organizes stories shared by friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other social apps. It’s available as a web, Android, and iOS app.

It shows aggregated information out of your social media circle as easy-to-examine hyperlinks in a feed. You can also add influencers in your niche.

Nuzzel is a social media tool that curates a news feed from social platforms.

You can catch up on news from the last hour, or go through the past week using the “Sort By” option. You can tap into content shared by your second-degree connections, as well.

Finally, you may additionally curate content material out of your newsfeed into an e-mail newsletter.

3. Feedly

Feedly aggregates the pinnacle content material for your area of interest from enterprise blogs and different publications. Their AI bot, Leo, acts as a studies assistant that learns your studying conduct and supplies articles you’ll be fascinated in.

It then “reads” every article and annotates them with applicable summaries, analyses, and hyperlinks to applicable content material.

Social media device Feedly reads and analyzes content material.

Leo learns out of your behavior. If you store an article, it's going to display you extra like it. If you click “much less like this,” Leo will keep in mind and display you fewer articles on that topic.

You can also set up priorities within topics. Choose a sub-topic, and Leo will include those articles under a Priorities tab.

Social media tool Feedly includes a priorities tab within topics.

4. BuzzSumo

This is a wonderful tool for getting content. Aside from content material discovery, you could use it to analyze keywords, track trends, or even discover influencers inside your vertical.

Use it to dissect your competition, captivate your audience, and discover content material with the maximum social community shares.

The Chrome extension helps you to do your research at the same time as you browse, as well. To use it, input your key-word or word to find out the top-performing content material.

You can use the filters to customize your search with the aid of using language, time frame, country, and some different parameters.

You can discover the popularity of content material on a specific social community via way of means of the use of the “sort by” feature.

You also can plug a weblog URL into the device to discover its top performing content material pieces.

Analyze content material articles with social media device BuzzSumo.

5. Canva

This is a simple graphic design web tool with ready-made templates for all kinds of social networks uses.

It combines a number of the exceptional factors of Photoshop with a drag-and-drop capability.

For each template, there are quite a few layouts, fonts, and backgrounds to pick out from. And in case you discover yourself having struggles with a selected capability, there are free tutorials that will help you layout great graphics.

For example, in case you’re thinking about repurposing your maximum shared content material for an infographic, there’s a guide for developing easy infographics with Canva.

6. Biteable

Biteable permits you to create videos, animations, movement graphics, and some different visuals for social, ads, or even presentations. You can use any of their templates to get started.

You can sync your advertising calendar with theirs to get hints and ready-to-cross video templates for applicable seasons, holidays, and events.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr is a freemium carrier with a whole lot of the capability of Photoshop.

Its free offerings encompass Pixlr X (for express) with vital equipment for short enhancing.

Pixlr E (for editor) gives a greater significant choice of equipment for greater state-of-the-art content material creation and Remove BackGround, an AI-primarily based totally on background elimination device.

If you want even greater image-enhancing capabilities, they provide a subscription-based plan that consists of greater stickers, overlays, and visual effects, as well.

Pixlr gives templates, as well, a few free and a few a part of the subscription carrier.

Pro Tip: One-Pixel Pinterest Image

The snapshots you share on Pinterest must be vertically aligned. But, in case you insert a tall picture at once right into a weblog post, it’ll take up a lot of space.

The answer is importing the tall Pinterest picture underneath the primary photograph of your post. Then, adjust its top and width to at least one pixel each.

Now, the picture will seem whilst you click on the “Pin it” button to share on Pinterest. The alt textual content of the Pinterest picture routinely serves as the caption for the picture.

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a full-provider social media control tool that helps you to track mentions, engagement, and different metrics throughout all your social media platforms. You can plan and track posts with the use of their analytics tools and reply to mentions through your dashboard.

9. Buffer

This is a notable app to schedule updates out of your social community accounts on the instances in which you work satisfactorily for your brand.

It works like Hootsuite. You can create and schedule social posts, after which you track them via their analytics.

Buffer can even prioritize social mentions for you so that you can reply to the urgent ones first.

10. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a simple, incorporated social media and blog publishing calendar.

It additionally consists of a set of organizing tools for social media, brand assets, work, and content. Schedule your blog posts, collaborate with unique authors on a post, and assign precise duties to specific people.

It has an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, as well.

In the calendar view itself, you could additionally preserve track of the highest shared and engaged with content.


If This Then That is a great social media tool to connect and automate your social networking services, IFTTT provides Applets configuration that can connect the platforms and streamline your work.

For example, you can send original Instagram to Twitter as native tweets. You can also receive weekly emails of all your followers on Twitter. You can also archive tweets to a Google spreadsheet. You can create your own applets via selecting a trigger and attaching an action to it. You can use popular applets created by other people.

In this article, Kristi Hines describes effective ways for you to schedule social media updates from your feedly account. You can schedule the stories you can read later on your social network accounts through Buffer. To configure these applets, only a Gmail and buffer account are needed.

12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most extensively used analytics tools to track user conduct on websites. But, you could additionally track social reviews below its reporting tab.

To get admission to your social community standing, log into your Analytics account. Then, head over to the Reporting tab. Click on Acquisition > Social.

Set up goals inside Analytics to get admission to those social reviews. There are well known templates inside analytics you could use to set actionable goals for your social media marketing campaigns.

If you get stuck, use Google’s authentic step-through-step manual for placing goals.

There are 8 reviews you could see below social analytics–Overview, Network Referral, Data Hub Activity, Landing Pages, Trackbacks, Conversions, Plugins, and Visitors Flow.

Once you set up goals, you’ll be capable of seeing your social media effect in Overview.

The most crucial report is conversions.

You can break down your social media marketing campaign through community and discover the most successful platform.

If you’re inquisitive about the user conduct–the like and share buttons your site visitors are clicking–you’ll want to set up social plugins.

Although putting in this document may take time, the end effects are really well worth the effort:

A clean image of the social community that offers the excellent ROI and the sort of content material you need to create for it.

13. HubSpot

HubSpot has numerous tools, from marketing automation to a complete content material management system. Their Marketing Hub permits you to create and manipulate social media posts, videos for social, and conversations from their platform.

14. Semrush

Semrush let you create, schedule, and tune your very own posts, it additionally helps you to track and examine your competitors’ posts, too. You also can use it to optimize your social ads.

SEMRush is likewise useful for preferred key-word and content material research in your vertical.

15. Ubbersuggest

You can use this to also carry out keyword content material research to help your post be of high quality and performance.

16. Followerwonk

To get exceptional outcomes from a real-time social community like Twitter, you have to be lively while your fans are online.

Followerwonk analyzes your Twitter fans and tells you when your followers are most active.

You also can use it to discover influencers for your area of interest and find out applicable persons to follow.

You also can track your fans through demographics, inclusive of age.

17. Keyhole

For Instagram and Twitter, an awesome hashtag analyzer can help you on your way to success on social media marketing. Keep up-to-date on hashtags applicable to your niche with Keyhole.

The tool additionally makes use of machine learning to forecast whether or not your campaigns will hit their goals.

Keyhole tracks and monitors influencer performance. You can use it to compare influencers to determine who is most effective for your brand.

18. Olapic

Olapic is a high-quality tool to feature for your visual marketing arsenal. You can use the tool to discover, curate, and plan user-generated content material throughout Instagram, Pinterest, and all of your different social accounts.

Use it on your site, on your social ads, and on your emails to raise engagement and growth conversions.

19. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Headlines play a key function in engagement. It’s no marvel that Upworthy used to jot down 25 headlines for each post.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is an extremely good tool to make sure headlines entice attention—and clicks.

Using it is easy:

Head over to

Plug your headline in the “Type your headline here” bar.

Press the “Analyze Now” button.

You’ll get a general rating for your headline and a grade for the sort of phrases you’ve used, top keywords for your headline, and the sentiment your headline evokes.

20. ClickToTweet

An easy manner to boom the quantity of tweets to your blog post is via way of means of including a link to each actionable comment. When a reader clicks at the hyperlink, it routinely provides a tweet to their Twitter account.

You can track all your embedded hyperlinks from the dashboard.

You also can examine their overall performance with the use of their analytics tool.

If you’re on WordPress, there's a less difficult alternative–Better Click to Tweet plugin.

21. Onalytica

Influencers are a trusted source of information for your customers. A recommendation from them can lift your product sales and brand visibility.

But, how can you find influencers interested in your post, service, or product?

That’s where Onalytica comes in. It finds relevant influencers for your brand based on your article link or uploaded file.

It scans an article, then generates a list of targeted influencers in under a minute. After reverse-engineering relevant influencers, you can connect and start building a relationship.


Social media can take up all your time, even if is helpful to your business. Manually posting content does take a lot of time and energy, which you could use to build a new attend to vendors and customers.

Use the above social media tools to automate routine actions on your social media networks.

They will save you time and money. This will help with improving the profitability of your business and increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.

That's all folks!

Do let me know in the comment section more tools that I did not mention in this post.

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